Revivify Base Coat Self Healing


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REVIVIfy Base Coat Self Healing is going to add a thick layer of protection when paired with REVIVIfy Ultra Pro to your vehicle!

Inorganic Base Coat:
Revivify’s inorganic base coat is the perfect choice when adding the additional protection your customers may be looking for: Inorganic base coat was designed to add an additional layer of
paint protection while adding a thickness you won’t find in any other coating product. By applying the inorganic base coat you’re adding two dynamic functions to the protection of your
customers painted finish. The thickness of this “Silicone Based” product will work to help repel and dirt, debris and projectiles that come in contact with the painted surface similar to that of
paint protection film. And secondly, it adds to the strength and durability of the Revivify topcoat coating product of your choice. This will ensure your giving your clients the very best in
many levels of paint protection.

Revivify’s Inorganic Base Coat “Is Not” and stand-alone product and cannot be used by itself.
You must use one of Revivify’s other protective coatings as a topcoat over the inorganic base.

Revivify’s Inorganic Base Coat is sold in three bottle minimum orders.
However: if you purchase Revivify’s Ultra Pros three bottle minimum order you can add one to three bottles of Revivify’s Inorganic Base Coat to your order.

Directions for use:

  • Apply generously to the painted surface
  • The leveling process depends upon your shop’s climate and climate conditions
  • You can actually layer the inorganic base coat up to two layers before applying the Revivify topcoat product of your choice.\\Waiting time between layers of the inorganic base coat is 6 to 8 hours
  • Waiting times between layering from the Inorganic Base Coat to one of the other Revivify topcoat products is 6 to 8 hours


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